Muttart Conservatory

Breathe in colourful and exotic life at the enchanting Muttart Conservatory. Each of the four iconic pyramids holds a themed garden representing a different world biome and species that hail from Mexico to Madagascar.

Bathe yourself in the lush Tropical pyramid, alive with delicate orchids, a weeping fig, towering banana trees and huge palms. The Arid pyramid bites back, with its spiky cactus and exotic desert species. Australian pampas grass and Eucalyptus trees are two colourful species you’ll find in the Temperate zone. Inventive Muttart staff create seasonal explosions of texture and life in the Feature garden. Catch the resident superstar, a giant Amorphophallus titanium, nature’s tallest flowering plant, also known as the corpse flower.

If all this tranquil energy whets your appetite, the Culina café is a tantalizing local favourite. Savour artisan creations like farm-fresh roasted chicken with brie and cranberry chutney, or pumpkin hazelnut soup. Leave room for homemade desserts.