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All Picnic Packages include an easy to carry Picnic Set Backpack. Everything you need for the perfect picnic. ​

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Enjoy top quality freshly made food ready for you when you arrive.

Picnic Set with Fruit Tray & Sparkling Juice

Includes a small fruit tray for two and sparkling juice.

Charcuterie Set For Two *Meat & Cheese

Includes Garlic & Herb Boursin, double cream brie, cheddar, prosciutto, cacciatore sausage, and capicollo accompanied by fresh fruit, olives, crackers and jam.

Charcuterie Set For Two *Beef & Turkey

Includes Garlic & Herb Boursin, Asiago, provolone, bresaola, beef salami and smoked turkey accompanied by fresh fruit, olives, crackers and jam

Charcuterie Set For 6-10 *Large Charcuterie

Includes double cream Brie, prosciutto, bresaola, spicy Calabrese salami, reggiano cheese, olives, grapes, nuts, & honey. (Tray feeds 6-10 people). Nut Allergy Alert